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Shiro Kuramata

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  • A rare 'Side one' chest of drawers 
  • 170cm. high by 45cm. wide by 50cm. deep;
  • 5ft 7in., 1ft 5¾in., 1ft 7¾in.
manufactured by Cappellini, cherrywood, with eighteen drawers above four casters


Shiro Kuramata, exhibition catalogue, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, 1996, p. 45

Catalogue Note

The 'Side One' was first executed by Fujiko, Tokyo, for a short period before being produced by Cappellini in 1986. Cappellini have confirmed that this example is one of only three trial pieces produced in cherrywood before their production began. Kuramata then decided to proceed with production in black and white.