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A russet iron Kasa-type suji boshi helmet, Signed Saotome 17th century

25,000 - 30,000 USD
79,000 USD
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  • height 16 in., 40.6 cm
the sixty-four plate bowl of kirinari form with rivets (hoshi), an unusual small opening with a tehen kanamono-like device, a continuous band in gold lacquer encircling the crown, a deep iron mabizashi (visor) decorated with three small suhama shaped metal inlays pierced with manji marks, a haraidate (maedate holder) above, and ushirodate brackets, fitted with four-stage textured brown leather ita-jikoro (neck guard), with small fukigaeshi (blow back), each with small metal suhama inlays en suite, signed Satome Ie (some inscription indecipherable, possibly reading Ietada)