Shaler Ladd Design Corporation is a full service interior design firm based in New York that

places special focus on client service, versatility and knowledge of styles, and the utmost

attention to detail. Drawing from decades of industry experience and rich educational

backgrounds in the disciplines of Architecture, Interior Design, Fine Arts, and Historic

Preservation, Shaler Ladd III’s namesake firm, which was established in 2010, strives to

curate individualized interiors tailored to the distinct lifestyle and tastes of each client.

Eschewing allegiance to any particular aesthetic, the hallmark of Shaler Ladd Design

Corporation is a layered approach to design in which strong architectural gestures and clean,

carefully planned spaces serve as an astute backdrop for clients’ personal collections of art

and objects, whether they be contemporary acquisitions or family heirlooms. By sculpting

spaces through texture, volume, and light, and introducing deliberate use of color and fine

materials, the resulting interiors skillfully highlight clients’ most treasured possessions by

interpreting them with a fresh and modern sensibility. This frequent integration of

furnishings and artworks from an array of cultures and time periods generates rich and

diverse visual narratives that pay respect to the past, and are at once progressive and


A loyal, far-reaching, and cross-generational client base, swiftly developed through client

and vendor referrals, serves as a direct testament to the firm’s dedicated focus on exceptional

service and quality. Having designed and managed projects everywhere from Paris to Palm

Beach, Santa Fe to Stockbridge, Malibu to Montreal (not to mention countless in the New

York and Miami metropolitan areas), Ladd’s trademark tailor-made approach to design and

strong relationships with clients and vendors have cemented his nascent firm as one of the

industry’s emerging finest.