Rudolf Bauer: Tomorrow Today

| New York
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On the 75th anniversary of Art of Tomorrow, the debut exhibition at Solomon Guggenheim's original Museum of Non-objective Painting in New York, Sotheby's is proud to present Rudolf Bauer: Tomorrow Today, a retrospective selling exhibition featuring over fifty masterworks spanning the artist's fascinating career. Having established himself at Herwarth Walden's famed Galerie Der Sturm in Berlin alongside fellow luminaries Paul Klee, Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky, Bauer was recognized by Solomon R. Guggenheim as the foremost non-objective artist and became the centerpiece of Guggenheim’s founding collection during the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Despite his success, scandal and betrayal led Bauer to abandon painting prematurely and ultimately caused his legacy to be largely omitted from the modern Guggenheim Museum’s program and indeed art history. Rudolf Bauer: Tomorrow Today brings together dramatic lyrical canvases, monumental geometric compositions, and exquisite works on paper ranging from the figural to the non-objective, to reveal the vanguard genius and enduring influence of abstraction’s forgotten pioneer.

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