Douglas B. Marshall, circa 1959                                                                          The domed portico to the Las Palmas stables

Lots 15 to 18 come from the collection assembled by Douglas B. Marshall at Gleannloch Farms/Las Palmas, Texas. Doug Marshall’s lifelong passion for the Arabian horse began during his service as an Air Force pilot in North Africa during WWII. Witnessing the magnificent sight of these horses galloping across the desert while piloting a B-26 aircraft, he was determined one day to have his own Arabians. After the war, he was joined in this quest by his new wife, Margaret, who was the daughter of Texas oilman and philanthropist Hugh Roy Cullen and his wife, Lillie.

Together Doug and Margaret assembled the properties for Gleannloch Farms, bred cattle, and began looking for Arabian horses. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Arabian horses in the United States were difficult to acquire. Most breeders were unwilling to part with their best. The Marshall finally attained their first purebred Arabian filly in 1953 and developed a highly successful breeding program.  Yet their search for the ideal Arabian horse continued.

The Marshalls travelled throughout the Middle East and North Africa and discovered a particular passion for the magnificent carriage and classic beauty of the Egyptian Arabian horse.  They began importing horses from Egypt to the United States, among them the legendary stallion Morafic. Over the following twenty years, their stable and its reputation grew. They won countless national championships and top honours, and the Farms were visited by everyone from president and kings to Hollywood stars. Doug & Margaret Marshall created one of the most important Egyptian Arabian breeding programmes of the 20th Century. Today the bloodlines of Gleannloch horses remain influential throughout the globe, including countries of the Arab world.

The Marshalls’ extensive travels in the Middle East, North Africa, and Spain also instilled a love of Moorish architecture, which informed the design of the palatial home and stables they had built in the 1970’s near Barksdale, Texas. The works which we are offering for sale are testament to the Marshall’s collecting eye, their passion for the horse, and their fascination with the Arab and Islamic world.


The Orientalist Sale

08 APRIL 2014 | LONDON