With a landscape geologically similar to that of the diamondiferous regions of Southern Africa, Russia’s Yakutia Republic had long been speculated to be rich in diamonds.  In 1955 a group of geologists stumbled across a foxhole that exposed blue earth, a telltale sign of the presence of the precious gem. With the support of the Russian government, a major shareholder, ALROSA has grown to become one of the leading diamond miners in the world and is projected to produce more value in diamonds than any other company by 2018.

As a byproduct of its expanding mining efforts and continuous research endeavors, ALROSA is the principal employer in the Yakutia Republic. The largest region in the Russian Federation, the Yakutia Republic lies about 3,000 miles east of Moscow and endures brutal subarctic conditions. For ALROSA, social commitments to the people of the region are paramount, as is seen through the construction of affordable housing, hospitals and community centers. Using such community and educational centers such as the Yakutniproalmaz Insitute allows for ALROSA to maintain their commitment to sustaining strong relationships with the region and its people.

By engaging in large-scale geological explorations and using innovative technologies, ALROSA is able to reach diamonds deep under the earth’s surface in concealed diamond deposits. Using engineers who design diamond pits with utmost precision, ALROSA is able to construct safe and effective mines that are highly regarded throughout the mining industry. The Jubilee open-pit mine, with a depth of 640 meters, is one of many groundbreaking results of these explorations and technologies. Because ALROSA mines produce approximately 35 million carats of diamonds a year, such research ensures that annual replenishment is possible.

The stones offered here, a Fancy Dark Brown pear-shaped diamond in excess of 40 carats, and three stones in rich hues of pinks and purples, vividly display the impressive character and exceptional qualities that ALROSA diamonds are recognized for in the global diamond market.

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