Auction Previews

Highlights from the Collection of Joan Oestreich Kend

The collection of Joan Oestreich Kend reflects a generations-long affinity for carefully curating beautiful works of art. Mrs. Kend, the most recent steward of this remarkable collection, carried on the tradition started by her parents of acquiring highly personal pieces, resulting in a familial collaboration which evinces a high level of taste and connoisseurship across a range of collecting categories, including Impressionist and Modern Art, Chinese Works of Art, and Americana.

Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale
New York | 14 November 2016

Impressionist & Modern Art Day Sale
New York | 15 November 2016

Magnificent Jewels
New York | 8 December 2016
Viewing: 3 - 8 December 2016

Fine Jewels
New York | 9 December 2016
Viewing: 2 - 8 December 2016

Impressionist and Modern Art
December 16 2016

Important Americana including Property from the Collection of Joan Oestreich Kend
New York | 20 - 21 January 2017

Master Paintings and Sculpture Day Sale
New York | 26 January 2017

Important Chinese Art
New York | March 2017

Saturday at Sotheby’s
New York | March 2017

New York | April 2017

African and Oceanic Art
New York | May 2017