David Bowie’s private art collection is a fascinating insight into how he understood the world. In these personal accounts, Kate Chertavian (Bowie Collection Curator 1992 – 2000) and Beth Greenacre (Bowie Collection Curator 2000 – present) reveal what is was like working alongside Bowie and how his collection is a reflection of his amazing mind. Sotheby’s sale of David Bowie’s art collection, Bowie/Collector, will take place in London on 10–11 November.

How Bowie’s Fascination with Art Became a Full-Time Job

Kate Chertavian explains David Bowie’s intensely hands-on approach to collecting art. Looking back at their time together, Chertavian reveals the intensity, curiosity and fascination Bowie brought to his other ‘full-time job’.

The Beautiful Networks in Bowie’s Art

Beth Greenacre gives an emotional account of the connections in David Bowie’s private collection. From Camden Town to St Ives, via German Expressionism and Ziggy Stardust, discover how Bowie used art to position himself in a fractured world.