Emily Ratajkowski made her acting debut in David Fincher’s Gone Girl and stars next in We Are Your Friends opposite Zac Efron. As a model, she is the face of Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2015 campaign and has appeared on the cover of magazines around the world. Ratajkowski's exposure to art began with her father's art practice and the frequent trips to galleries and museums throughout her childhood. Constantly drawing and collaging, she studied at the San Francisco Art Institute before attending UCLA as a Fine Art major. Her partner, Jeff Magid, is an avid art collector. The two have become a part of the art community in Los Angeles.

Lot 20
Joseph Cornell
Untitled (Soap Bubble Set), c. 1960
Estimate: 80,000 - 120,000 USD

Assemblage and collage in the form of object could not be more pertinent today, even though many of Cornell's shadow boxes were made some sixty years ago. With the rise of the web, sampling, in every art form and medium has become the norm. The results of this new computer based assemblage are not tangible. Within this contemporary context I especially love the physicality of the world each shadow box creates.

Lot 138

Louise Bourgeois
Cunt I, 1970
Estimate: 30,000 - 40,000 USD

I like that Bourgeois struggled with the label of "feminist" artist. To me it means she was searching for a unique and specific understanding of feminism, sex and gender that were her own. I relate to the process of "trying on" different concepts of female identity and feminism. I love that this piece flips the typical delicate representation of femininity on its head and instead presents you with an "anti-phallus"; a light pink, unquestionably dominant object-to-be reckoned with…a cunt.

Lot 201

Jonas Wood
Untitled (Jonas Pot), 2007
Estimate: 40,000 - 60,000 USD

I love Jonas's paintings of plants and pots maybe the most out of all is work--particularly pieces that have specific ceramics made by his wife, Shio Kusaka, in them. It’s fun and interesting recognizing one of her pots in Jonas's pieces; I like the dialogue between their work it provides and the very personal insight into their life it allows. This piece is especially unique because of the strange plant and the large "JONAS" inscription.