The Krandall Diamond
Lot 218

The Krandall Diamond is steeped in the tradition of the jewelry industry. Approaching the Roaring Twenties, Sidney Krandall, the son of a Russian immigrant and watch repairer, began his jewelry business in bustling Detroit in 1911 having recognized early on that the success promised by the burgeoning auto industry would require all the luxuries proffered by a modern city. In 1922 he moved his office into the opulent Capitol Theater, later to become the Detroit Opera House, and began to think forward for ways to improve his business. Joined by his sons, Krandall expanded into international mining and utilization of industrial grade diamonds in the development of tools. This afforded him access to some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world.

Photo of Sidney Krandall
Courtesy of the Family 

Most likely from a mine in South Africa, the Krandall Diamond’s Old Mine cut is reminiscent of those diamonds fashioned in the mid to late 19th century. It was purchased by Mr. Krandall from Oyster David, the London dealer, who claimed that the large and unique stone was once part of the collection of Catherine the Great.

The cutter made excellent use of the diamond’s natural octahedral shape. When looking at the diamond in profile, it is easy to distinguish the embellished outline of a diamond in its purest form, an octahedron. The natural crystal pattern of a diamond is exemplified in this beautiful gemstone. This diamond remains a piece of history, a legacy of the artistry and technique of an era poised for success.

Lot 218 (left) and side view (right)

Lot 218
The Krandall Diamond
An Impressive Fancy Yellow Diamond
The old mine brilliant-cut Fancy Yellow diamond weighing 40.62 carats.
Accompanied by GIA report no. 2105681609 stating that the diamond is Fancy Yellow, Natural Color, VS2 clarity.
Estimate: US$ 800,000-1,200,000