Lots 301-331 

Contemporary Art Day Auction

“The beautiful art works that you see in this auction are priceless gifts from over thirty artists and friends of Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art. These artists have either shown at the foundation – in some stunning and challenging exhibitions – or have made the gift simply out of esteem for Parasol unit. A number of them have even gone out of their way to create a special piece to be sold at our 10th Anniversary Auction, Towards Tomorrow. In every instance, these art works are testimony to the amazing friendship and generosity the artists feel towards the foundation, something for which I am hugely grateful.

No such anniversary celebration would be possible without the presence of family and friends, and these wonderful art works are reminders of what the ‘Parasol family’ is about and also how much our artists mean to us. I take this opportunity to salute them all, primarily for having accepted my invitation to exhibit their works at Parasol unit, and now for so readily agreeing to assist the foundation in its next phase, thereby enabling us to continue supporting other artists and helping the local community.

The proceeds of this momentous auction will benefit a very important and noble cause – the Parasol unit Education Programme, which is becoming ever more in demand by the residents of Hackney and Islington, and to support the increasingly ambitious exhibitions at the foundation. At a time when we look towards the future with great optimism and enthusiasm, I would like to appeal to all benevolent collectors to join these remarkable artists and me to bid passionately and generously for the art works presented in this auction, because together we can make a better world.”

Ziba Ardalan
Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, London

L14025_contentpackage_4Luc Tuymans
The Barrel (Triptych)
Estimate: 300,000 - 400,000 GBP

Founded in December 2004, Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art is an educational charity registered in England and Wales and a not-for-profit institution that operates purely for the public benefit. Every year, the foundation mounts four challenging and thought-provoking exhibitions of works by international contemporary artists who work in a variety of media. It also initiates other artistic projects, and gives an annual Exposure award that offers an exhibition to the winning graduates of a selected UK art school. For most of its main exhibitions, Parasol unit produces an accompanying publication. The foundation also engages with the public and local community by providing a full programme of related educational events for children, families and adults.

L14025_parasol_5Y. Z. Kami
Blue Dome I
Estimate 60,000 — 90,000 GBP
L14025_contentpackage_2Adel Abdessemed
Estimate: 100,000 - 150,000 GBP

Central to the Parasol unit philosophy is a commitment to support artists in their creative endeavour, an attitude which engenders a lasting relationship between each exhibiting artist and the foundation. Internationally recognised for its forward-thinking exhibition programme, Parasol unit has introduced the work of a host of contemporary artists to the London public and has been instrumental in launching the career of a number of them. In its genuine mission to serve the public, the foundation does not bear the founder’s name and its exhibitions do not derive from any particular private collection. Admission to all exhibitions at Parasol unit is free of charge. Thanks to its innovative working model, between private funding and public support, one of London’s most vibrant contemporary art spaces has come to exist and thrive. 

Ten years of dedicated work has won Parasol unit a worldwide reputation as one of the leading and most respected art spaces in London. At this defining moment in its evolution Parasol unit is undertaking a one-off, fund-raising art auction that will financially secure its immediate future and enable it to continue its support of artistic innovation in our time. In this important endeavour Parasol unit has gratefully accepted generous donations of work from artists who have either exhibited at the foundation during the past decade or are long-term friends and supporters of it.